And baby, it could be so easy

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Sherlock got all dressed up and ‘peacocky’ for John and James totally calls him out on it.


"I wasn’t aware that nature had this whimsicality to it all- that it was this… peaceful. James, I feel at peace." 

"Just shush and pitch the tent already."


Sherlock plans to delete James from his memory first so that when he dies it won’t hurt him to leave him behind.


Sherlock has to tell James just exactly why he agreed to the trip.

concert goer; vinyl stower: my first concert: theo katzman and darren criss



fig.1: the print-at-home ticket that started it all

I had been to concerts in the past; Jonas Brothers (with at the time incredibly unknown Demi Lovato) , James Taylor, Now a Full Blown Superstar-Demi Lovato (and some kid named Austin Mahone) and Pitbull to name the lot.

But never had I…

Theo Katzman is a hottie.

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Hey Guys! Here’s another video from Judas!


(Please credit if you use!)

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Does this rip anyone else’s heart out or…